Wersi CD Gala

CD Line Gala (1990 MSR price ca. €7082)

Good looking organ of the second Digital Area. This Wersi is a paradigm of the modern electronic organ: sounds have to be pre-programmed before you start playing. Within a song it is not easy to change a single voice as you do on tab-based organ, because you have to press many switches to select banks and stack voices.

The keyboard action is very good. And it has tons of different sounds, something for each taste. The sounds are even user-programmable, different sample-sets can be overlayed (upto six). The voices don´t have a conventional LFO or ADSR.  The amplitude and frequency is controlled by a fixed table of  modulation wave forms. The editing User Interface is hard to use; this organ becomes a time-eater when you try this. Thus I stopped these tries and can now fully enjoy the playing and its sound.

My personal ranking***         (3 Stars of 5)
plusgood sound and endless possibilities
minusnot user friendly, like all digital Wersi organs 😉