Dr. Böhm BnT/8

Sold between 1965-1974

Sold als DIY-Kit

Böhm’s transistorized organ with a 9 octave sawtooth generator. You can tune the 12 semitones individually, e.g. Kirnberger tune, sounds great, in particular when attached to a modern effect module. Use a 2″ stop with the left hand, and hear the vast difference of a sawtooth generator!

Key split, left hand has its own tabs.

Ranking*           (1 Star of 5)
plusNice for reminescence on affordable DIY organs,
small but with 10 footages.
Real sawtooth sounds on all tabs.
minusAs an early construction kit definitely not a high-grade product.
The sound of Böhm drum/accomp. machine on the top sucks