Technics SX-U90P

Futuristic console (1981)

You can love it or hate this design of the “professional” version of the U90. It is quite impressive and one of the widest organs – but electronically the same spinet organ as the standard U90.

Here at Tim Seifert’s home page you can find a great description of all her functions, that I won’t repeat now. Additionally my small impressions:

  • Rock solid, after 25 years everything works fine. This might be the reason why it is so difficult to find a service manual – because it is almost not needed
  • nearly no noise at the outputs!
  • the sine filters are not of the expensive type, you can still hear the rectangle generator as the basis. Technics used only 3 sets of sine filters per tab, the higher tabs (<2′) even have got only a single filter.
  • the upper manual has 7 divisions which can sound in parallel, which makes a big sound, (the lower: 5 divisions).
  • I counted 5 Phaser/Celeste/Chorus divisions which can work in parallel also. The Leslie imitation is unfortunately rubbish.
  • the drum machine sounds funny. Own rhythms are easy to arrange, even with preset patters. I like the rhythms variations and the accomp. voices (filter gating!)
My personal ranking **         (2 Stars of 5)
plus fun solo synth, Drum machine is the best
minus Flute sounds too clarinetish,
huge dimensions for a spinet model