Kawai Dual K5000

Special Model: two Kawai synthesizers build into one organ case.

After my K5000S went down to the floor, a part of the plastic case has broken into 1000 pieces. I had to learn, that Kawai service does not have any replacement parts for this synthesizerany more.

I have had several other synthesizers and something what I always was unhappy about, is the bad ergonomics: if you want to play with two of them. A double keyboard stand is ugly and the keyboards are too separate. I think, two stacked keyboards like an organ is quite the best, like the Prophet 10. After some planning, I bought a second used K5000 with the same excellent keyboard action and made a new case for both of them, even a 13-note Midi pedal is now attached.

Sound Examples and my detailled descriptions (in German) are in the Amazona site here.