Dr. Böhm Star Sound

Much fun to play with! It does not sound as expensive as a Conn but has many features to improvise. Normally I don’t use automatic accompaniment for my play, but this “Digital Drums” is exceptional. The organ is fully equipped, what Böhm did sell at these times:

  • Sinus filters (8 bars lower manuals, 12 upper)
  • Sinus Patsch and Noise – not real B3-key click but improves the fun factor
  • Multi Contour Computer, own 8-voide system with polyphonic attach, decay and release
  • 2 Phasings, Lesie simulation and Celesta effects
  • Synthe Glide + Synthe Sound, a monophonic synthesizer integrated into the solo voices
  • 13 key Pedal. Its voice is attached to the accompaniment sound generation, which is a monophonic solo synthesizer with 16 presets
  • Digital Drums