Introduction to this Organ Collection

For many years, my favorite passion was Electronic Music with synthesizers and computers. But in recent years I have found back to my organ roots when I constructed organs myself as a teenager, without the slightest prospects of affording any of the dream-organs.

The golden age of the electronic home organs yielded so many fruits of different brands and models. Today, these starships are quite inexpensive and available on the second hand market. thus I decided to collect mainly the great concert organs. I have now some space at my garage, and I collected, repaired and improved some of these organ gems in my spare time.

It is always a great thing to find good technical details and sound examples in the web for any buying decisions. Several discussion groups and even you-tube are a good information source. To put my own two cents to this knowledge base and to share my excitement for live playing organs, I wrote these sites for you. If you have some questions about these models, repairing issues or about spare parts, don’t hesitate to send me an e-mail. I will extend the mp3-sound examples more and more when I have time.

Please notice, these pages are non-commercial, their content is subject to my copyright, unless stated otherwise.

2 Replies to “Introduction to this Organ Collection”

  1. I have a Lowrey Celbration C-500 organ and the pedals do not work. It has the pedal latch board which I have replaced all the
    IC’s. Still does not work.

    I would appreciate any help in troubleshooting this issue.

    Thank you

  2. Hello Robert,

    Thank you for the share of your knowledge! Two years ago I picked up an organ for free and it seemed that it still worked very well, but soon it’s capacitor’s started failing. I had no idea how to repair it, but the internet was very helpful and corona gave me time. Now I wish I’d saw your website earlier!
    The organ I’m talking about is an Eminent Grand Theatre 2000 with Solina string ensemble. On the Dutch ‘’ almost every day an new advertisement appears with Eminent organs for free. From the inside it looks a little bit like the Lowrey C500. A lot of wires! Have you ever played on an Eminent? If you’d like, I can share mp3 and pictures.
    I read you modded some organs with extra effects. Could you tell me how you did that on which pcb?
    And do you sometimes use a mono jack cable to an amp to check a circuit in an organ? (Other side of the cable to pinpoint on pcb) I would like to know how that works, it could spare me a lot of time.
    Thank you for your website and greetings from the Netherlands!

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